Patient Testimonials

“Here is what I have learned over 15 years of care at Eye Surgeons and Consultants. From the moment you enter the lobby of Dr. Mendelsohn’s offices you know that you are in a caring, friendly and professional environment. You couldn’t be in better hands from the front desk, to the capable hands of the ophthalmology assistants, to Dr. Mendelsohn himself and his associates and even to the optical department. Each and every one of these people make it clear that you are their priority and that they care about your eye health. In an emergency, not matter the time of day, Dr. Mendelsohn makes himself available to you. What more could you ask of the offices of your health provider?”
-Joanne F. J.

“I have been seeing Dr. Mendelsohn for over 20 years and I can’t say enough good things about him. He has kept a chronic viral eye infection in check for most of that time and has bent over backwards to treat it when it has flared up. He has always taken the time to treat me and discuss issues as necessary and he has excellent “bedside manner”. His compassion for his patients is evident. On occasions when my virus did flare up he has given me his personal cell phone number and told me to call him at anytime if I needed any help or needed to be seen in case of an emergency. He will always be my ophthalmologist as long as I am in the area!!! His staff is also top notch.”
-Kent W.

“4 generations of my family have been seeing Dr. Mendelsohn for our eye care, and recently I brought my in-laws to see him too. My mother-in-law had terrible cataracts, but Dr. Mendelsohn did laser cataract surgery and now she sees even better than the grandkids! We are thrilled with Dr. M and his amazing staff!”
-Savannah A.

“I have been going to Dr Mendelsohn for many years. He without a doubt in his mind has always diagnosed me immediately with all the problems I had been having with my vision (multiple times) He’s passionate and kind while explaining whatever the situation is. Everyone in this office makes you feel special and cared for, the best Doctors office in Florida.”
-Tracy F.

“I highly recommend Dr. Mendelsohn and his team. Professional and caring and super helpful. The best! Plus I’m a huge fan of the great selection of glasses and sunglasses.”
-Julie S.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Mendelsohn for about 10 years. I’ve been very satisfied with his competence and politeness. He’s very thorough and his staff of assistant’s and clerical support are also professional and cheerful. I have referred several friends and recently my wife for his services.”
-Rick H.

“Dr. Mendelsohn is an excellent and caring physician. His staff is efficient and friendly. The office is very clean and up-to-date. It is a pleasure to place the care of my eyes with Dr. Alan Mendelsohn.”
-Cynthia P.

“Dr. Mendelsohn is the ultimate professional. He is an excellent doctor who thoroughly explains every procedure down to the smallest details. I would highly recommend his office to anyone looking for a great doctor.”
-Susan W. K.

“Fantastic office, fantastic doctor. Nothing but good things to say about the many times I’ve been to Dr. Mendelsohn’s office.”
-Jacob D.

“Dr. Mendelsohn did cataract surgery on me 7 years ago, and has been taking care of me for longer than that. He is awesome, and the rest of the folks in the office are courteous, friendly, and professional. Best eye care anywhere!!”
-Barbara Jean O.

“I was privileged to have my cataract surgery by the best eye surgeon around Dr Alan Mendelsohn. This is a great office and everyone is amazing that works there.”
-Rosemarie C. B.

“Dr. Mendelsohn is reminiscent of a time when doctors cared about their patients. He has consistently gone above and beyond for my family and me. He is extremely knowledgeable about eye health and disease and never rushes his patients. He was even there for me on a Sunday morning when my eye was swollen shut. He left his house, met me for an emergency exam and resolved my issue the same day. Dr. Mendelsohn is one of kind.”
-Alan N.

“My husband and I noticed our vision was getting worse and told our primary care doc. He referred us to an ophthalmologist in Hollywood, Dr. Alan Mendelsohn, who had done our PCP’s own cataract surgery. What an excellent suggestion! Dr. Mendelsohn was kind and explained everything really nicely. We found out that we had developed cataracts too, but thankfully don’t need surgery, just new glasses. We were able to get them right there and are delighted with them. What a difference it’s been! Even more miraculous, Dr. Mendelsohn managed to actually convince my husband to stop smoking so he could protect his eyes. My husband actually stopped that same day!!! My years of nagging couldn’t get him to stop, and one visit with Dr. Mendelsohn was all it took! Driving up to Hollywood was well worth it!”
-Miriam C.


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Patient Testimonials

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