Ocular Preventive Care

Eye ExamDr. Alan Mendelsohn and Dr. Nathan Klein are avid believers in preventive care and have developed considerable expertise in these invaluable efforts. Upon completion of a comprehensive eye exam, each physician will spend considerable time with you in the exam room explaining your diagnosis(es), treatment recommendations, and very importantly elaborating upon recommendations for precise steps to greatly minimize or prevent ocular damage and/or diminished vision.

The depth and breadth of knowledge recently accrued by researchers and eye physicians in the area of ocular preventive care have been most gratifying. Unfortunately, the vast majority of eye physicians do not have an interest in ocular preventive care. Other eye physicians simply feel too rushed during your exam to spend extra time with you discussing and educating you on key points that hopefully will have a profound effect in enhancing your ocular health and quality of vision.

Very noteworthy is the fact that the ocular preventive care will markedly reduce or even eliminate the necessity of surgical intervention for macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or maculopathy, pterygium, pingueculas, eyelid cancers, and other ocular maladies. If procedures have already been performed elsewhere in the past, we hope to greatly reduce the change for a repeat surgery due to recurrences.

We fervently believe that the clinical, diagnostic, and surgical skills of our physicians are outstanding. Combining these skills with a highly professional staff and cutting-edge technology sets Eye Surgeons & Consultants apart. Adding to these components, the physicians’ efforts and expertise in ocular preventive care is what prominently elevates our practice as a truly comprehensive eye evaluation.


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