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Dr. Alan Mendelsohn is renowned for Laser Vision Correction procedures with preeminent safety, meticulousness, concierge care, and most importantly, stellar visual outcomes! There are three excellent options for Laser Vision Correction: LASIK, PRK, and Femtosecond Laser (for clear lens and/or cataract). All three choices will correct for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and/or astigmatism, resulting in a remarkably enhanced depth of focus as well as increased peripheral vision. These customized, high tech laser procedures will eliminate or substantially reduce the necessity of glasses or contact lenses. We tailor all of our professional recommendations based on each patient’s personal eye health and medical history.

For individuals between ages 20 and 40 who are contemplating vision correction, we recommend LASIK or PRK. LASIK and PRK are both five-minute customized laser procedure where the surgeon selectively removes thin layers of tissue from the clear dome over the eye, the cornea. Both procedures can be performed for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and/or astigmatism. LASIK and PRK are incredibly safe and proven technologies that have been utilized for decades.

While LASIK and PRK offer outstanding vision, eventually, when people hit their 40’s or early 50’s, their vision will invariably change, necessitating help with eyeglasses or contact lenses. This age-related visual change is a result of a phenomenon called presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition in which everyone after the age of 40 begins to lose their ability to accommodate or focus their near vision. As presbyopia accelerates, glasses or contacts become necessary for all computer and reading activities. As people enter middle age, an additional reason for vision to change is the development of cataracts. Everyone eventually develops cataracts just as everyone develops grey hair. As cataracts progress, symptoms will start to become apparent and increase, while concurrently, the dependence on eyeglasses or contact lenses will also increase. Eventually, everyone will need to have a procedure for cataracts, whether or not they had previously performed LASIK or PRK. The Femtosecond Laser procedure is a 5-minute, exceedingly safe and accurate customized procedure performed by Dr. Mendelsohn to remove the cataract and simultaneously place an intraocular lens (IOL) for visual restoration. At this juncture, any individual who previously had LASIK or PRK can proceed with Femtosecond Advanced Laser Cataract Procedure.

Because patients who undergo LASIK or PRK procedures almost universally need to undergo subsequent Femtosecond Laser cataract procedures down the road, some preferentially select a Femtosecond Laser Clear Lens Exchange to undergo one single procedure for the same clarity of vision they can expect from LASIK or PRK, without ever having to undergo a second procedure. A Femtosecond refractive laser lens exchange corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism with a 5-minute laser procedure by replacing the eye’s natural lens, with an intraocular lens (IOL) that has the optimal power for the eye. A refractive lens exchange performed by Dr. Alan Mendelsohn is a laser procedure that uses identical technology as the highly successful advanced laser cataract surgery. The femtosecond laser allows our physicians to make gentle, ultra-precise incisions in the lens and cornea, thereby producing stellar visual outcomes. The corneal incision is exceedingly small and self heals, therefore, no stitches are needed. Furthermore, no patches or injections to the eye are required for this five-minute customized procedure. Most patients are working, driving, and exercising the very next day. The IOLs which Dr. Mendelsohn utilizes have UV Blocker and Blue Light Blocker, features that are especially important for South Floridians. Dr. Mendelsohn had Femtosecond Advanced Laser Procedures with insertion of multifocal lens implants performed to his own eyes in July, 2014. He wore eyeglasses starting at age 6, contact lenses at age 13, but now has not worn a pair of eyeglasses nor contact lenses since July 2014!

Excellent options for lens implants are the multifocal lens implants, the Acrosof PanOptix or the Acrosof ReStor lens, both of which will focus light from distance, intermediate, and near simultaneously, enabling 95% of patients to be glasses-free. The newly acquired ability to drive, work on computers, and read without glasses is an incredible freedom. Moreover, the depth of focus and peripheral vision with these implants is outstanding. Problems with refractive laser lens exchange are extremely rare. Dr. Mendelsohn and his staff are vigilant and meticulous at avoiding complications.

Prior to contemplating any laser procedure, it is imperative to have a comprehensive eye exam to ascertain the health of the eye as well as the best option(s) that would create the absolute best quality of vision. If even a very early cataract is present, which is almost universally the case in our 40’s or very early 50’s, LASIK or PRK are not accurate, and, very importantly, a Femtosecond laser procedure will be subsequently required down the road as the cataracts progress and interfere with vision. The prudent course of action is to consider Femtosecond Advanced Laser Cataract Surgery with ReStor IOL placement, as described above, which will correct for distance, intermediate, and near vision, unlike LASIK or PRK in the presence of any type of cataract. More detailed information can be found on this website at Laser Cataract Surgery and Multifocal and Toric IOLs.

Please call our office (954) 894-1500 to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam to ascertain the health of your eyes and also help you decide which option(s) are most favorable for your eyes.


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