Multifocal and Toric IOls

Multifocal and Toric IOLs

Alan Mendelsohn, MD, FACS, is dedicated to providing outstanding care and does his utmost to maximize your quality of vision following cataract surgery. Drs. Mendelsohn utilizes the Acrysof family of lenses, the most advanced and trusted intraocular lenses (IOLs) in the world.  The PanOptix multifocal and PanOptix Toric multifocal lenses provide unparalleled quality of vision for near, intermediate, and distance vision with game changing new technology.

A mutifocal lens implant, such as the newest generation lens, the AcrySof PanOptix, will focus light from distance, intermediate, and near simultaneously, thereby addressing all the focal lengths, enabling the recipient to be hopefully glasses-free, or at least far less dependent on glasses. The ability to read, drive, work on the computer, and see without glasses is an incredible freedom that was never possible with the traditional monofocal lenses. With cataracts, people feel less comfortable or confident driving at night, often avoiding nighttime driving. In low-light conditions, such as driving at night, as the pupil physiologically dilates on its own, more light is distributed to parts in the PanOptix lens required for distance vision. This improves a driver’s vision of the road ahead at night. Of note, while patients with cataracts almost uniformly have symptoms of glare and halos, a small percent of all patients following cataract surgery can have these symptoms whether having a PanOptix lens or monofocal lens or any other type of lens.

PanOptix multifocal IOL: A game-changer in quality of eyesight!

Previously, if an individual had a moderate to large amount of astigmatism, this could not be corrected at the time of cataract surgery. This resulted in the need for full-time eyeglass correction following the surgery. However, thanks to a wonderful technological breakthrough, an AcrySof® Toric IOL can be implanted at the time of cataract surgery. With the utilization of the toric lens implants, there’s no longer the need for two separate procedures in order to have improved quality distance vision and decreased dependency on glasses.

Until 2017, Dr. Mendelsohn could only utilize a ReStor lens implant when low to moderate levels of astigmatism were present pre-operatively because the laser could only correct these levels of astigmatism. For the twenty percent with greater levels of astigmatism (not fully corrected by laser), Dr. Mendelsohn would utilize the Acrysof Toric lens implant. While these lenses offer dramatically improved distance vision, glasses were needed for near and intermediate distance tasks. The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) granted final approval for a Acrysof Toric PanOptix lens implant, combining the best of both worlds. The highly acclaimed Acrysof PanOptix lens is now being utilized with tremendous success and phenomenal patient satisfaction by American, Canadian and  European ophthalmologists. PanOptix lenses provide an unparalleled  stellar quality of vision for near, intermediate, and distance vision!  Dr. Alan Mendelsohn has had a similar very favorable experiences with these outstanding high tech lenses.

No matter which option is best for you, customized laser cataract surgery is virtually pain free, and the actual lens implant can be completed in minutes. In fact, most patients are back to their normal activities the very next day.

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