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Laser Cataract Surgery for South Florida

Dr. Alan Mendelsohn and Dr. Nathan Klein are totally committed to remaining on the cutting-edge of ophthalmic innovation and technology. We continually invest in state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical equipment. Our doctors go through rigorous, ongoing training to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to improve our patients’ vision and quality of life. We know our focus on technology is worth the investment and our patients tell us they can truly see the difference.

Our commitment to our patients, evidenced by our investment in technology, is why we have so much information on our Web site. We want our patients to recognize that there is a difference in eye care providers. Eye care and vision correction have come a long way since the days when an individual’s only option was a new pair of glasses. Our doctors are now using breakthrough treatments that have improved vision for millions of patients of all ages and from all walks of life.

Ophthalmic surgery is now a precise, sophisticated science, where surgeons rely on advanced technology to diagnose and treat problems such as glaucoma, corneal disease, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts. Many procedures that used to require a hospital stay and lengthy recovery are now performed on an outpatient basis with most patients returning to their normal activities the next day. Dr. Alan Mendelsohn is a highly acclaimed cataract surgeon, offering outstanding expertise and visual outcomes with 5-minute advanced laser cataract surgery.

And thanks to Alan Mendelsohn, M.D. performing advanced laser cataract surgery, thousands who were nearsighted, farsighted, presbyopic or had astigmatism are now free of glasses and contacts. Heavy patient demand for surgical and laser vision correction has inspired surgeons and laser manufacturers to make tremendous advancements in both Excimer laser technology and surgical technique. Dr. Alan Mendelsohn has had a highly successful and accomplished track records as a cataract surgeon, providing unrivaled concierge care to their patients.

Our top tier technology enables Dr. Alan Mendelsohn and Dr. Nathan Klein to provide you with stellar diagnostic and treatment opportunities within the office setting so that almost everything can be done under one roof.  Frequently, in other office settings, patients have to be referred out to a second, or even third, office or diagnostic center in order to complete the requisite diagnostic testing or treatments that you may need.

If you are interested in surgical or laser vision correction, we invite you to shop around. If you have any questions, please contact the office or you may wish to schedule an appointment or attend one of our upcoming seminars.


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