Patient Testimonials

“Here is what I have learned over 15 years of care at Eye Surgeons and Consultants. From the moment you enter the lobby of Dr. Mendelsohn’s offices you know that you are in a caring, friendly and professional environment. You couldn’t be in better hands from the front desk, to the capable hands of the ophthalmology assistants, to Dr. Mendelsohn himself and his associates and even to the optical department. Each and every one of these people make it clear that you are their priority and that they care about your eye health. In an emergency, not matter the time of day, Dr. Mendelsohn makes himself available to you. What more could you ask of the offices of your health provider?”
-Joanne F. J.

“I have been seeing Dr. Mendelsohn for over 20 years and I can’t say enough good things about him. He has kept a chronic viral eye infection in check for most of that time and has bent over backwards to treat it when it has flared up. He has always taken the time to treat me and discuss issues as necessary and he has excellent “bedside manner”. His compassion for his patients is evident. On occasions when my virus did flare up he has given me his personal cell phone number and told me to call him at anytime if I needed any help or needed to be seen in case of an emergency. He will always be my ophthalmologist as long as I am in the area!!! His staff is also top notch.”
-Kent W.

“4 generations of my family have been seeing Dr. Mendelsohn for our eye care, and recently I brought my in-laws to see him too. My mother-in-law had terrible cataracts, but Dr. Mendelsohn did laser cataract surgery and now she sees even better than the grandkids! We are thrilled with Dr. M and his amazing staff!”
-Savannah A.

“I have been going to Dr Mendelsohn for many years. He without a doubt in his mind has always diagnosed me immediately with all the problems I had been having with my vision (multiple times) He’s passionate and kind while explaining whatever the situation is. Everyone in this office makes you feel special and cared for, the best Doctors office in Florida.”
-Tracy F.

“I highly recommend Dr. Mendelsohn and his team. Professional and caring and super helpful. The best! Plus I’m a huge fan of the great selection of glasses and sunglasses.”
-Julie S.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Mendelsohn for about 10 years. I’ve been very satisfied with his competence and politeness. He’s very thorough and his staff of assistant’s and clerical support are also professional and cheerful. I have referred several friends and recently my wife for his services.”
-Rick H.
“I am in business and I thought I gave good customer service…well nothing compares to Dr. Menelsohn level of service. On top of that there wealth knowledge is unbelievable. I am a customer for life!!!!”
-Marc Diaz.

“Dr. Mendelsohn is an excellent and caring physician. His staff is efficient and friendly. The office is very clean and up-to-date. It is a pleasure to place the care of my eyes with Dr. Alan Mendelsohn.”
-Cynthia P.

“Dr. Mendelsohn is the ultimate professional. He is an excellent doctor who thoroughly explains every procedure down to the smallest details. I would highly recommend his office to anyone looking for a great doctor.”
-Susan W. K.

“Fantastic office, fantastic doctor. Nothing but good things to say about the many times I’ve been to Dr. Mendelsohn’s office.”
-Jacob D.

“Dr. Mendelsohn did cataract surgery on me 7 years ago, and has been taking care of me for longer than that. He is awesome, and the rest of the folks in the office are courteous, friendly, and professional. Best eye care anywhere!!”
-Barbara Jean O.

“Dr. Alan D. Mendelsohn diagnosed me cataracts and gave me the best pre and post op appointments…..he was very present and reassuring at the surgery center when it was time for my surgery…He is very knowledgeable and very detailed during all appointments….I hugely recommend Dr. Mendelsohn for eye check ups and surgery.”
-Marta Paul

“Dr. Mendelsohn is reminiscent of a time when doctors cared about their patients. He has consistently gone above and beyond for my family and me. He is extremely knowledgeable about eye health and disease and never rushes his patients. He was even there for me on a Sunday morning when my eye was swollen shut. He left his house, met me for an emergency exam and resolved my issue the same day. Dr. Mendelsohn is one of kind.”
-Alan N.

“I was privileged to have my cataract surgery by the best eye surgeon around Dr Alan Mendelsohn. This is a great office and everyone is amazing that works there.”
-Rosemarie C. B.

“My husband and I noticed our vision was getting worse and told our primary care doc. He referred us to an ophthalmologist in Hollywood, Dr. Alan Mendelsohn, who had done our PCP’s own cataract surgery. What an excellent suggestion! Dr. Mendelsohn was kind and explained everything really nicely. We found out that we had developed cataracts too, but thankfully don’t need surgery, just new glasses. We were able to get them right there and are delighted with them. What a difference it’s been! Even more miraculous, Dr. Mendelsohn managed to actually convince my husband to stop smoking so he could protect his eyes. My husband actually stopped that same day!!! My years of nagging couldn’t get him to stop, and one visit with Dr. Mendelsohn was all it took! Driving up to Hollywood was well worth it!”
-Miriam C.

“I met Dr. Mendelsohn years ago when I worked at Hollywood Memorial Hospital on the Med/Surg floor and I noted how skilled he is in his surgical expertise and in his care for his surgical patients. My husband and I became patients of his then and we have always received the most excellent evaluations with the state of the art equipment in his office and from his staff. I truly appreciate the care I received from Dr. Mendelsohn and his staff when on 2 occasions I had to be treated for corneal abrasions and earlier when this current office was being established I was seen there before the formal opening to be examined for visual disturbances that caused me great concern. Thanks to the thorough exam by the technology of the equipment and Dr. Mendelsohn’s expertise my concerns were laid to rest. Dr. Mendelsohn is also an excellent teacher of explaining how to do what is best to maintain good health of the eye and in reinforcing any and all information at each visit. We are grateful to Dr. Mendelsohn and his staff for all the years of excellent care.”
-Judy W.

“Dr. Mendelsohn, is just the very best! Superb expertise, kindness galore, a wonderful staff. My cataract surgery was 100% successful!! With my new Restor lenses, I have 20/20 vision, and also do not need readers!! Just amazing. Choose Dr. Mendelsohn, you will not be disappointed!! The first ophthalmologist consult I had with another physician quoted me $5000, more for the same surgery and lenses, –that is significant! You can’t get better than 100% success. I am so grateful!”
-Dawn G.
“Dr. Alan Mendelsohn is an excellent caring and highly skilled surgeon. I just had cataract surgery in my right eye and I can see 20/20. WOW! It was all quick and relatively painless and Dr. Mendelsohn was positive and completely competent though-out the whole thing. Bed side manner is everything to patients and this fellow has it in spades! I will be returning to have the left eye done when needed.”
-Bruce S.

“I have had the pleasure of being under the care of Dr. Alan Mendelsohn for 25 years. He is a phenomenal physician and his staff is simply stellar. From the moment I enter the Eye Surgeons & Consultants office, I am warmly greeted. The office runs very smoothly and I rarely find myself able to get through a single magazine article in the waiting room before my name is called to be seen. My family and I have trusted Dr. Alan Mendelsohn through multiple procedures, corneal abrasions, ocular emergencies, and routine check ups for glasses and contacts. We have always had wonderful outcomes and experiences. After years of being treated by Dr. Mendelsohn, it is clear that he has an outstanding clinical acumen and decades of experience. More importantly, he has a fantastic bedside manner, which makes all the the difference. I highly recommend Eye Surgeons & Consultants and have never gone anywhere else for my eye care.”
-Ja R.

“Love this eye doctor! In the last year and a half Dr. Mendelsohn has been the savior for my eyes and my job! He cured 2 very serious eye infections and performed extremely successful cataract surgery on both eyes as well. The last time I called his office with an eye issue they saw me within an hour of my call! Can’t get better than that!”
-Suzanne H.
“Dr Alan Mendelson’s office is the ONLY DR.s Office that is an actual JOY to go to. His Office is competent, courteous, and efficient!! THANKS for not being like all the other NIGHTMARE Dr.’s Office!!!!”
-Michael R.

“He is just the best! Wonderful man, full of genuine caring mixed with supreme expertise! You could not ask for better, from his staff and facilities to a REAL expert, and I am so grateful to have found him! Thanks to Dr. Mendelsohn, who removed my cataracts and gave me the Multi-focal Restor lenses, I have 20-20 vision, I can drive at night again, I can read signs at a distance, and I no longer need the 250 readers I was dependent on just to read my cell phone. It is just amazing! I no longer need glasses for anything and see just like I did as a child! Love him and his staff, for this miracle of restored sight!”
-Dawn G.

“Recently changed eye doctors to this practice. Best decision ever! Dr. Nathan Klein was extremely knowledgeable, very professional, patient, informative and kind. It was super easy to make an appointment. Wait time was minimal. Beautiful office, nice staff, beautiful location. Would highly recommend Dr. Klein to anyone looking for a fantastic Optometrist.”
-Shira S.
“I’m a physician who has been a patient of Dr. Mendelsohn over 30 years and he is one of the best ophthalmologist around. Whom I have trusted of my health and of my family. I strongly recommend Dr. Mendelsohn.”
-Fred Valdes

“Dr. Alan Mendelsohn has what every patient looks for in a medical doctor: humility, knowledge and caring. He always makes sure his patients get the best treatment. That is why in his office you will find the latest technological advances in the field of ophthalmology. Dr Alan Mendelsohn is highly trained in eye diseases such as: cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma.”
-Gerardo Aguilera
“As a physican, I can tell you that Dr. Mendelsohn is a doctor’s doctor. The office runs smoothly, the techs are knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Mendelsohn is thorough, friendly and very conservative which is a great surgical quality. He explains everything so it’s unlikely you will leave the office and realized you forgot to ask your pertinent questions. Overall, a great experience. Have been a patient of the practice for the last 25 years. “
-Jay Dennis

As a doctor myself, and a patient for many years, I highly recommend Dr. Mendelshon without reservation. He is a caring human being with a wonderful personality, years of excellent experience and additionally, a fine surgeon . -Andrew Katz

“Dr. Mendelsohn is an amazing eye doctor! He is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable and caring- the perfectcombination. I have used him as my eye doctor for many years and every encounter has been outstanding. His staff is wonderful, the wait time is minimal, and they always go out of their way to get me in quickly if I have an emergency. Dr. Mendelsohn’s medical recommendations are always spot on and have resolved whatever issue I was encountering. I highly recommend him and his office!”
-Rachel White

“Dr. Mendelsohn and his team are top professionals. Everything about the experience, scheduling, arriving, hand-offs between staff and conclusion is done smoothly and effectively. Dr. Mendelsohn himself took all the time I needed, explained the tests and results in details and addressed all my questions. Along the way, it was clear that I am not a number in the system and Dr. Mendelsohn’s practice understands and treats the way one wants to be treated. Simply the best experience.”
-Igor Zeltzer

“Dr Mendelsohn has been caring for my eyes for over 25 years. He is the most caring Doctor. He has kept my eyes in very good health even when it looked very bad for me. Ten Stars from me.”
-Stan K.


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