New Photochromic Contact Lenses

By: Nathan Klein OD In April 2018, the FDA approved the very first photochromic contact lenses in yet another step to help protect our patients from the harmful effects of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light rays as well as it’s blue light emissions.  With more than 42 million Americans wearing contact lenses, this development could… Read More

Tips for Selecting Your Next New Big Screen Television

By: Alan D. Mendelsohn MD It’s hard to not walk into any big box retail store and not be seduced by big, bright new TVs declaring the years latest innovations, leaving us to naturally feel insecure about what we have in our living rooms at home. Making the decision to upgrade isn’t easy given the… Read More

Six Beauty Tips for Your Eye Health

By: Alan D. Mendelsohn MD Beware of the Glue: Applied by a professional on an occasional basis is not generally problematic unless you are allergic to the glue used in the application process. However, with the proliferation of new self-application eyelash extensions and the wide range of unlicensed practitioners offering their services, the greater the… Read More


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